A Musical Home on the Country Roads

Story posted March 14, 2016 in News by by Jeff Tinkoff

It is hard to tell that Ian Allender has so much musical talent when you first meet him. By the way he dresses, and what he talks about, it is easy to assume he lives a school and sports packed life. But when he picks up a guitar, he’s able to find rhythm with ease.

It started when he was living in West Virginia as a kid. His mom wanted him to pick up piano but he found little interest in it. The piano quickly bored him and he dicided to self-teach himself guitar. A short few years later Ian moved to Delaware and found himself in a band with few friends of his from his grade school. As the years passed and each of the band members graduated they found it hard to continue with the band, and that’s when he looked to a former boss of his back in his home state of West Virginia.

Now living in Delaware, he makes his return to the state he was born in, West Virginia, for a few weeks every summer to play at the local bar scene in Morgantown with his old boss.