A person and their (punk) music

Story posted May 9, 2014 in News by Alexander Wypijewski

Local student Michael Garret has always been in love with music.  He remembers that his father gave him a few punk rock CDs to listen to when he was a teenager.  After giving a listen to as many punk bands as he could, he decided that making music was his true calling.

When he was in high school, Michael told his parents that he wanted a certain audio mixing program – one that his parents insisted he pay for himself.  Driven by his aspirations, Michael worked local jobs for the sole purpose of  buying the program that would provide him with a way to attain his music production dream.

Michael also plays the guitar.  He has two electric guitars and one acoustic -  although his Epiphone Les Paul has always been his go-to instrument on stage.

Michael also uses his audio program to create drum tracks for the band that he is in.  He says that it creates an interesting sound that a normal drum kit cannot make. Michael plans on joining other bands in the future, however he says that he needs to focus on life after graduation.