A Person And Their Passion

Video posted April 29, 2015 in News by Rachael McCleary


Amy Marshall is a wife, mother of two, and an attorney of twenty-one years. She also sits on the board of directors for Olli, a continuing adult education program, and helps them with legal projects. The organization reached out to Marshall to teach a constitutional law class, and were surprised when she counter-offered teaching a cake decorating class.

Marshall discovered her passion for cake decorating after her children were born, and she started baking extravagant cakes for their birthdays and special occasions. Her cakes soon caught the attention of her acquaintances and her children’s school friends, and so her craft grew.  

Marshall takes the ideas from her “clients” and turns them into edible masterpieces. One of her favorite creations was her son’s 6th birthday cake, which was an under the sea themed cake, decorated with blue fondant and 3D ocean creatures.

Marshall says the hard work of baking and decorating the cakes is well worth it when the recipient first sees the cake. She says she won’t quit her job as an attorney any time soon to open a cake shop, but instead she’ll continue her passion as a hobby, and enjoy delighting children and adults alike with her creative cakes.