A Story Through Song

Story posted December 9, 2014 in News by Leah Polakoff


Cynthia Sherry vividly remembers the dance she choreographed for her father. The piece ended with her, alone on her wedding day, without a father to walk her down the aisle. When she looked into the audience, her dad wasn’t in attendance. It completely reinforced the message behind her choreography.

When Sherry, a senior art education major, dances, she says it’s like telling a story. She can throw herself into any performance and become one with the character. She has tried most forms of dance, but says she can relate most to ballet and was in rehearsals for the lead role in The Nutcracker.

Sherry, a petite girl standing just over five feet, is the president of Volé, Penn State’s ballet club. She not only tells stories through dance, but expresses herself through painting and drawing as well. Sherry plans on becoming an art teacher after completing her education.