A voice fit for the radio

Video posted December 4, 2013 in News by Yashira Diaz



Ty'Ron Gorman began working for State College radio station B94.5 as in intern in the fall of 2012. Gorman participates in on-site remotes promoting local businesses and helps produce the song playlist for Penn State football games. He is presently a part-time producer for the morning show and hosts an evening show that runs Tuesday through Thursday, 5-10 p.m.

Gorman works closely alongside PJ Mullen, program director and host of the Morning Zoo, which airs from 6-10 a.m. on weekdays. He says that having Mullen as a boss makes the work environment at the station feel more "homely" and comfortable.

Having a boss that is close to the same age is part of the reason why the station is a place where he can learn. "Our boss is not too much older than us, so he knows what we are thinking and what we are going through,” he said. “At the same time he is wiser because he's got more years of experience in the industry."

Ty in the studioOn the radio Gorman is upbeat, energetic, and loud. When asked about how he thinks listeners picture him, he says people probably imagine a silly guy who can be calm at the same time.
"I get really excited. I'm loud, I talk a lot but I tone it down when I'm on-air,” he said. “I'll probably come on air sounding really crazy but when I am saying something or doing a promo, I make sure that I stick to the point and don't get distracted." 

He says that his personality is no different off-air, although he says he is more cautious with what he says on-air, as to not offend any listeners.

B94.5 was the first place Gorman got hands-on experience working for a radio station, which is why he loves it. For Gorman, B94.5 has helped him grow and has shown him how hard work can open a lot of doors. He hopes to continue work for a radio station outside of State College after graduating.

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The process behind choosing the content and music that plays on the radio requires technical knowledge of soundboards that ensure quality transmission of content on the air and playlist-generating software.