All That and a Bag of Chips

Story/Video posted March 11, 2019 in Arts & Entertainment by Zach Hall


York, Pa native Jalen Pacheco has a passion for music. Ever since he was little, Jalen had a fascination with rap music. This fascination grew out of listening to the likes of Biggie Smalls and other similar artists in the car with his parents. It wasn’t until getting into trouble with the law earlier in his high school career that led him to writing his own music.

As part of his probation, Jalen was tasked with writing a song and performing it at a local church. From there Jalen got in contact with his friend Neamiah, who had been writing and performing songs at the church for several years. The two worked together to write a song that they could perform together at the church, and they did just that. It was here where Jalen realized his true passion.

From there, Jalen continued to write songs throughout high school. After graduation, Jalen began reserving spots at a recording studio run by Aiden Carlin, a former Central York High School grad like Jalen. The two would form a friendship and record a plethora of songs for Jalen to upload online.

Jalen says that despite if he were to “make it” or not doesn’t matter. What matters to him is how much he loves to write and perform. In his own words, “There’s nothing in the world that could make me stop.”