Video posted April 26, 2018 in News by Hailey DePreta


Ever since he can remember, Colin Miller has been drawn to the “ambiguity of the human face.” As a child, Miller channeled his fascination of the face and body toward portraiture.

“As a small baby artist, I was always doing portraits. I focus mainly on portraiture now in college. It is sort of what I have always obsessed over is people and bodies,” says Miller.

A natural-born artist, Miller found a second form of artistic expression through makeup.

“I got my first makeup ever by myself, like little foundation I think, when I was in early high school.”

Over time, Miller combined his passion for makeup and art, which led him to the drag world. However, it was not until Halloween of his sophomore year in college that Absinthe, Miller’s drag persona, made her debut.

“Absinthe has been developing out of that freedom to sort of express what I couldn’t,” says Miller.

Miller describes himself as an introvert. However, he explains that drag has helped him become more confident in his everyday life.

“It has definitely forced me out of my shell a little bit, and I have to remember that sometimes,” says Miller.

Miller explains that Drag is a unique form of expression, as it allows performers and audiences to transcend the gender binary. Unable to choose one reason why he is so passionate about it, Miller says he is drawn to the complexity of the drag world.

“I love the performance, I love the art of it, I love making statements with it,” says Miller.