Andy Robert: A Tale of the Not-So-Average College Experience

Video posted April 25, 2017 in News by Parker Thompson


Andy Robert grew up in State College and had plenty of opportunities to see what college life could be like. It could be the druggery of studying, or just a big party. Robert chose another path, unique in his own way, fitting to what he wanted to do. On paper he is a Junior Information Science and Technology Major with an emphasis on web and web design, and a minor in entreprenuership. However, in the real world, he is much more.

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 He takes classes just like every other college student, but what he does in his free time is what makes him stand out fro other students at Penn State. He likes to spend time performing magic tricks for unsuspecting individuals around campus. His go to spot is the HUB, due to the diverse amount of students there. Robert enjoys doing close up magic for people as opposed to actually putting on a show, he likes the reactions he gets from his audience on a personal level.

He was first introduced to magic by his father when he was a young kid. Since then, he’s been perfecting and performing his tricks for people for over 10 years. “I like making people happy.” Is what Robert had to say about his magic.

Robert likes a good workout, but he also likes to have fun, so he is the President of the Dance Dance Maniacs club. The club meets frequently throughout the week at their spot in Pollock commons. When Robert and I talked about the meetings, he described them as, “a fun place to hangout while staying fit.” The more experienced members of the team also choose to compete in different Dance Dance Revolution competitions around the nation.

Earlier this year, Robert and some peers from the group traveled to the University of Illinois where they competed amongst other colleges around the nation. Whoever can score the highest and hit the correct steps on the game the best, wins the game. There are different divisions where these members can compete solo or as a duo dancing across two different machines at once.

Robert is also running a startup company with his girlfriend, Caitlin Schaeppi. The company is called Candy Coated Games, which according to Robert is a play on words of his name and his significant other. (“Ca” for Caitlin, and “ndy” for the name Andy.) With the Coated portion of the name being a play on words for the word “coded.” The couple already has a completed project that they plan to launch soon for sale. According to Robert the game is, “based around stacking pancakes.”

  The couple competes in “game jam” competitions around Pennsylvania. A game jam is a competition in which teams have a set amount of time, 24-72 hours, in which they have to create a video game from start to finish. Judges then decide on which game is the best, and a winner is chosen. Robert said that he and his girlfriend are a good team. He can focus on the code of the game, while Schaeppi focuses on the artwork and visual aspects of the game. He plans to find someone else to add to the team at some point who can do good work with creating sound and music.

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Robert also enjoys playing different musical instruments. In addition to the Irish recorder played during the video, he also plays the Irish flute, which is similar to your standard band flute. But, it only plays in the key of D and has fewer holes and levers. 

He was first introduced to these two instruments when he was involved with the Renaissance Faire club at State College. The club prepares all year for the Ren Faire Festival. Students engage in many activities ranging from choreographed sword fights by different members of the club, palm reading activities, archery lessons, and even a medieval food court. Robert started playing both the recorder and the flute to amuse students at the faire.

Robert said his secret is to concentrate on fun, not drinking. His goal in college is to create different experience that is enjoyable to him.

Video: The magic behind the magic

Andy demonstrates a simple, yet effective magic trick.