Balancing the Creativity

Story posted March 14, 2016 in News by Nick Thomas


It is not very uncommon to find someone whole holds down more than one job, but for Eric Faust his second job is something that many would only dream to have. During the day Faust spends his time teaching geometry to the students of Bald Eagle Area High School, a job he landed shortly after graduating from Penn State in December of 2014. Three times a week, however, Faust spends his time in a variety of the local State College bars as the front-man of Lenina Crowne belting out cover songs for the regular crowds with the occasional input of an original track. The band started three years ago, and has grown in popularity to playing during prime hours at popular bars, and even performing at the annual 46 hour dance marathon put on by Penn State’s student run organization THON.

“I just love playing music with other people, and in particular when those people are some of my best friends.” Faust enjoys his time with the band, even if it means playing cover songs in the bars, since playing in State College can stifle originality in the local music scene. The band still writes original songs, and will occasionally work them into their usual sets, but just their general sound adds some originality to downtown.

Faust is typically asked how he is able to manage teaching full time with the band, and as he says, “I think the band, it helps me to balance things out.” Faust goes on to say that if he didn’t have the band, and was just teaching full time that he wouldn’t be as happy with his life. Being in the band gives him a creative outlet in his world of high school geometry.