Barber On Duty

Video posted May 1, 2014 in News by Michael Crane


Local barber Pete Nebroski took an unusual career path. For years he worked as a businessman, including starting his own company that extended to thirteen states, before he decided that the lifestyle wasn’t for him. After being relocated to State College, he began to explore potential other vocational options.

He removed himself from the work force almost two years ago to put himself through barber school, but he was disappointed to find there were no chairs open in the State College job market. Instead of lamenting his situation, Nebroski opened up his own shop and spread his name by word of mouth.

He walked the streets and handed out business cards to whoever was willing to take them. He approached strangers and introduced himself and asked them who was currently cutting their hair. Word spread amongst the college and local community alike. Nebroski says now that his days are nearly fully booked by the time he walks into his shop each morning.

With only one chair to work from, Pete keeps the atmosphere of his shop friendly and conversational. Music plays from the speakers and he takes time to make sure each detail of the haircut is correct. He saves each length and adjustment made for his customers on his desktop computer so that, in his words, “People know exactly what to expect.”