Belly dancing with Christine Johnson

Video posted April 23, 2012 in News by Lucy Ukwa


Christine Johnson is an artist and an athlete. When she was in hign school, she was a cheer leader. As a Penn State junior, she has a new outlet for her artictic energy- belly dancing. 

She uses it as a way to clear her mind and keep in shape. Christine beleives, "Keeping your body active is healthy and energizing. "

Christine decided to join Penn State’s belly dancing club. Her love for music and dancing made her believe that the club would be a great club to join. She attended a couple of practices, and soon she was recognized by the president of the club and was asked to come and try out for an intermediate position.

When she finally became a member of the belly dance team, she felt a sense of purpose. She enjoyed bonding with the other girls and getting to know them on a personal level.   Of course at first, she was nervous about dancing in front of a crowd that she did not know. But, after numerous practices, she said she got over her fear, and became more confident in herself.  After, being a member for a couple months, she thrust her hips and moves her thighs with confidence.  She also teaches others in the club that cannot keep up with the fast pace required to learn the belly dancing routines.


The official belly dancing club page on Facebook says “If you like to shimmy, shake your hips, move your body like a snake, or just like belly dancing...all are welcome! The belly-dancing club at Penn State is an open club welcoming all members.  Those who are interested are welcome to come to practice on Sundays from 9 pm to 10 pm for beginners at the White building, and for intermediate, Sundays 10pm to 11 pm.

Christine shakes her hips

You can find Christine Johnson at Penn State's White building shaking her hips to the beat of fast pace music.  Within a short amount of time Christine has mastered intermediate belly dancing.