Black History Month on Penn State’s Campus

Story posted February 3, 2023 in CommRadio, News by Brendan Conroy

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - As January comes to a close, we enter one of the most important months of the year. There is an immense amount of light and appreciation brought to a community that has been known to receive discrimination and face lots of adversity over the years.

The start of February means the start of Black History Month, and Penn State University has installed numerous plans to provide students and the community with ways to feel more included.

On-campus activities that allow for students to come together and share who they are with other people is a very healthy way to feel as a part of any community. Penn State will have opportunities to explore and learn more on both their main campus, along with their commonwealth campuses as well.

Throughout the month of February, the Palmer Museum of Art will offer a printed and self-guided tour for anyone who is interested in learning about an array of artwork and history of Black Americans ranging from the 1800s all the way to today.

The university will offer several guest speakers over the course of the month, including Kwame Alexander; a poet and prominent figure in the Black community. An interactive lecture will also be provided early in the month, which will be led by Ebony Stewart; a poet who will touch on activism.

There will be displays and presentations all throughout the month, so each day will provide numerous options for students to explore and grow their knowledge of Black History as we celebrate this month.’

More details can be found on Penn State’s website, and more events are expected to be added as the month goes on.

Brendan Conroy is a third-year studying broadcast journalism. To contact him email him at