Bringing Happy Valley together through music

Story posted February 17, 2013 in News by Sara Matulonis

Jeanette Rothman was an intern for B94.5 radio station in State College during the fall 2012 semester. After her semester as a "b-tern," Rothman accepted a position at B94.5 as a producer and weekly talk show host.

Rothman sees her role at the radio station to bring people around Happy Valley together through music, whether it be on air or in person.

At the station, Rothman is able to talk with listeners and play their requests. On remotes throughout Centre County, Rothman meets her listeners and is able to brighten their day in person. Rothman has listeners of all ages including kids, adults, and thousands of Penn State students.

If Rothman had complete control, she would play less Katy Perry on the radio and more of the new boy bands like The Wanted and One Direction.

Though a fan of popular music, Rothman finds solstice away from the station listening to 90s, country, and rap music. Her favorite artists include Britney Spears, Luke Byran, and Rick Ross.

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