Celebrities Who Should Host SNL

Story posted November 5, 2022 in CommRadio, Sports by CommRadio Arts & Entertainment Department

With this season of “Saturday Night Live” on its way, our CommRadio Arts & Entertainment department took a look at some of celebrities that should get a chance to host sometime in the near future.


Nick Kroll

Most casual fans of Nick Kroll, aware of his work and his frequent collaborators, are always shocked when told or reminded that he has never hosted “Saturday Night Live.”

The comedian, actor, producer, writer and creator of shows “Kroll Show,” “The League,” “Big Mouth” and “Human Resources” has already created quite a comedic legacy for himself despite being only 44 years old.

Kroll auditioned for “SNL” in 2008 but wasn’t asked to join the cast.

Despite all of his success, Kroll has yet to host “SNL,” which is even more surprising considering his frequent collaborators consistently overlap with the show's alumni.

Most notably, his very public friendship with his continuing collaboration with former “SNL” writer and five-time host John Mulaney.

Many former “SNL” employees join Mulaney in voicing characters in “Big Mouth” or “Human Resources,” if not both. Notably Fred Armisen, Maya Rudolph and Aidy Bryant.

Kroll even dated “SNL” legend Amy Poehler briefly in 2013.

Kroll clearly has a compatible sense of humor that some of the best “SNL” employees utilized during their time there.

The “Kroll Show” was a revered sketch show, and with bizarre humor and storylines on “Big Mouth,” it’s painfully clear Kroll would’ve been a great addition to any “SNL” cast and would be a comedy-elevating kind of host.

Between his obvious connection to some of “SNL’s” best, his chameleon-like vocal talents and his remarkable comedic skills, “SNL” is obliged to immediately give the world a Kroll-hosted episode. - Sophia D’Ovidio


Chris Evans

Saturday Night Live is a variety show made up of comedy sketches. Each sketch tells a story, generally evoking laughter, and Chris Evans is an expert storyteller.

Whether it is through acting in blockbuster films or chatting in an interview, Evans knows how to capture an audience.
He has starred in popular movies such as “Knives Out,” “Fantastic Four” and, most notably, as Marvel’s Captain America in its cinematic universe. His ability to act could contribute to top-tier, memorable sketches for Saturday Night Live.

The Boston native has been known to take on serious roles in films such as “Knives Out” and “The Gray Man,” but his off-screen sense of humor is evident in interviews.

Evans has an effortlessly hilarious personality. He is a goofball, constantly joking with Marvel castmates Anthony Mackie, Elizabeth Olsen and Scarlett Johansson during press events.

It is shocking that he hasn’t hosted yet. Evans is a charismatic, funny actor that would be at home in Studio 8H. - McKenna Wall


Quinta Brunson

We all know this BuzzFeed alum can do skits and sketches, so hosting “Saturday Night Live” would be right up her alley.

Quinta Brunson is a 32-year-old writer, actress, comedian and producer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She produced content for BuzzFeed from 2014 to 2019, and then left to pursue other things.

Now, Brunson is the writer, producer, and main character of the sitcom “Abbott Elementary,” which is on its second season. She was just awarded a Primetime Emmy for her writing in the first season, and was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series and for Outstanding Comedy Series for her roles as Janine and executive producer, respectively.

She has also been in “A Black Lady Sketch Show,” a sketch comedy series on HBO, further proving that she definitely has what it takes.

Brunson has proved she can be in skits, and she also has a background in stand-up comedy, which makes her the perfect candidate to host “SNL.” - Izzy Charboneau


Meghan Trainor

Without a doubt, Meghan Trainor deserves her time in the spotlight at Saturday Night Live.  Not only would Trainor do a phenomenal job at hosting, but it’s also reasonable to say that she would be a perfect candidate for the honor of ‘Double Duty’.

At Saturday Night Live, Double Duty refers to when the episode’s host also acts as the musical guest. Trainor would certainly hold her own as the musical guest, and with her recent insurgence on social media platforms such as TikTok, it is safe to say that she would more than hold her own as the host, utilizing the same skills that she uses on TikTok to write her sketches.

With many iconic moments and visuals from throughout her career, Trainor would have a wide variety of topics to play off of when she eventually hosts. Hopefully, Lorne Michaels is keeping an eye out for Trainor following the release of her new album, Takin' It Back. - Ethan Berman

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