Cello brings the essence of joy in Kim’s life

Story posted March 14, 2016 in News by Min Shin

When Kim was little, she liked to play music. As she grew up, she got exposed to many different instruments and classic music. The cello sound captured her ear. Then, she started playing the cello.

She has performed cello as a soloist in 27 countries worldwide including Germany, Austria, England, China, and Israel. In addition, Her cello studio has attracted many students from around the world.

One of her memorable even in her cello life is that she had an opportunity to play the cello in Vienna. As she goes through her life with cello, “It’s like a discovery” she said. There are still so many things that she wants to discover. With the fact that she plays many different kinds of music with cello, there are chances to see the world through her cello.

She always gets excited to have various opportunities to play and teach cello to many people. Furthermore, she hopes people, who haven’t exposed to music or don’t mark an importance of it, would know the significance of arts just like they emphasize liberal arts and natural sciences.
Here is her website.