Centre County’s Surprising People

Video posted November 27, 2012 in News by Rena Samuels, Melanie DiCarlo, Phil Hogue and Amana Kaskazi


Life in a college town can be full of surprises -- and surprising people.

Kelsie Walsh took her love for helping children to the extreme one summer and volunteered as a teacher for an orphanage in Ghana.

Matthew Laffey is an avid fly fisherman with a fly tying hobby. Fly tying is the process of using natural materials to produce an artificial fly used to catch trout, bass, etc. by means of fly fishing. He does this when he's not doing his day job.

Zach Mains is a co-founder of the twitter account PSUPoops. He decided to make this account early Fall 2012 after trying to find different places on campus to go to the bathroom in, but was turned off by many of the bathrooms because of how dirty they were. He wanted to help Penn State students find facilities that fit their needs.

Britney Clark, a senior majoring in education, recently started a new hobby. In her free time Britney likes to give away hugs.

About the Contributors

Melanie DiCarlo's photo

Melanie DiCarlo

2013 Graduate / Journalism, Integrative Arts, Sports Journalism

I am passionate about faces and emotion. I am passionate about capturing moments and recording them forever, for posterity. I am passionate about storytelling. Each photograph, each video is a story in visual form. Sometimes words are not needed because an expression or an action says more than words ever could. That’s what I love about photography and video; you can look at a picture or a clip and feel what the subject was feeling just by using your eyes - being sympathetic.

I am currently a senior majoring in Photojournalism and Integrative Arts and am also part of the John Curley Center for Sports Journalism. I work for Penn State Athletic Communications as a sports photographer and have aspirations of working in the media, photography and journalism fields when I graduate. I just started up my own business, Meladiography, photographing portraits, weddings, sports, you name it. I’m a daughter, a sister, a photographer, a writer, a designer, a singer, a dancer, a baker, a football enthusiast and a health advocate.

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Rena Samuels

Senior / Telecommunication

My name is Rena Samuels, I’m a telecommunications major interested in post production work.

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Amana Kaskazi

2013 Graduate / Journalism

I’m rising senior majoring in broadcast journalism. I’m interested in using multimedia to present interesting stories in a engaging form.

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Philip Hogue

Graduate / Journalism

I am hoping to become a sports journalist. It is a dream of mine to work for a magazine like ESPN or SI someday. I have a huge passion for sports at all levels and would like to become part of the sports journalism world after i graduate in May 2013.