Chasing Goals

Video posted April 29, 2014 in News by Donovan Quinn


Balancing schoolwork, sleep and a social life is difficult enough but add a rigorous workout regimen and you could lose your mind.  For education major Michelle Venafra it’s not only a necessity but an addiction that she doesn’t want to shake.

Every morning she wakes up before the world does and breaks a sweat at the gym.

She’s come a long way since grade school having never stepped foot in a gym.  Now she’s influencing thousands to live healthier lifestyles.

About the Contributors

Donovan Quinn's photo

Donovan Quinn

Senior / Broadcast Journalism. Business Minor

Hello. My name is Donovan Aaron Quinn. I am a Senior at Penn State University. Studying Broadcast Journalism with a Business Minor. I am a part of the ComRadio show “Real Talk Basketball,” but my true interest is in Music. I aspire to one day have a Hip Hop radio show on satellite radio, so right now I am just “getting my feet wet” in other areas for good experience and expanding my horizons. “Hard work beats talent,” so I am just trying to do what I can.

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Derek Herman

Senior / Broadcast Journalism

Derek is pursuing a career in Broadcast Journalism accompanied with a Theatre minor.

He is actively involved with PSN News as a reporter in which he takes on assignments weekly on current events on campus.  Responsibilities include gathering information, interviewing the public, filming, reporting on camera and finally editing the clips into a package that will be aired on PSN News.

He held an active role in Penn State’s IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon, commonly known as THON.  His position as a committee member of the Merchandise Distribution committee provided him with many responsibilities.  Throughout his senior year, he collaborated with his fellow committee members to sort and send out items while contributing to merchandise sales on campus to raise awareness and money for THON’s mission: to conquer pediatric cancer by providing outstanding emotional and financial support for the children, families, researchers, and staff of The Four Diamonds Fund.  During THON weekend his title was Weekend Warrior where he took on responsibilities of overseeing the members’ shifts and acted as a communication liaison between captains and committee members.

He has a passion for the performing arts and has played various roles throughout his college career including The Children’s Hour, N.O.W., a student written, acted, directed and produced performance, and he has even sought out roles for independent short films such as Outlaw Studios production entitled “Disposable”.