Children’s Garden at Penn State Arboretum Approved

Audio/Story posted March 22, 2013 in CommRadio, News by Mike Esse

The Board of Trustees approved the newest project for the Penn State Arboretum at its’ latest board meeting. A 3.6 million dollar children’s garden will be featured in the Arboretum and will attract children between the ages of three to 12 years old.

Director of Development for the Arboretum Patrick Williams said that it will show children the various features that Pennsylvania has to offer and will bring children to the arboretum all year long, rather than just for a weekend as it currently does.

“The Children’s garden will be something the kids can access all year,” said Williams. This is something that will open up a whole new demographic for us. People will be learning about things that can be found right here in Pennsylvania.”

Construction for the garden will begin this upcoming November and it is expected to be fully ready by late spring or summer 2014.

Mike Esse is a sophomore majoring in broadcast journalism and a ComRadio Sports Director. To contact him, email