Christopher’s sounds

Story posted October 14, 2013 in News by Yashira Diaz

For Penn State student Christopher Grullon, music holds a deeper meaning than just simply a form of entertainment. He has spent most of his teenage years writing songs and rap about his life experiences and the life of his parents and grandparents, who are immigrants from the Dominican Republic.

"I think the deepest song that I've ever written was the song that I wrote about my grandfather and my father. I put it from my father's perspective, my family's perspective, and my perspective," he said.

Grullon is majoring in telecommunications and has recently developed a passion for editing music, saying that he hopes to become a music producer in the future.

"The editing process is usually the hardest process. It takes the longest and takes the most precision. You really need an ear for music for editing," Grullon said.

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