Community Survey Available for Penn State Students and Staff

Story posted February 10, 2020 in News, CommRadio by Siani Boyd

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — From Feb. 3 through Feb. 28, students, faculty and staff at every Penn State campus location are being sent a community survey link. This survey was created as an ongoing effort to promote diversity and inclusion on campus.

Survey questions range from different topics such as belonging to the community, institutional support, cultural and climate on and off campus, and so on.

Members of different organizations have felt that this survey is needed. Daphne Li of Blue Print is one of those students.

“I did hear about this survey, and I do think it’s a good idea because it makes people feel like someone actually cares to listen to them,” Li said.

Although some students have received the survey, there are some who have not yet.

Miksa Bowen, a junior in the Smeal College of Business, felt participation in this survey wouldn’t be a bad thing.

“I didn’t hear about the survey, but it doesn’t seem like a bad idea,” Bowen said. “I feel like maybe this will put new things into perspective for the people in charge.”

There will be survey-taking stations available at various campuses throughout the month, but the survey is also mobile friendly.

Survey takers will have a chance to win an Amazon or Starbucks gift card and at the end of the survey by filling out a separate online form. Every 100th person who submits this form will win the prize.

To find out more about this community survey, visit


Siani Boyd is a junior majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact her, email