Construction on Old Main Finished

Story posted December 4, 2019 in CommRadio, News by Sean Barron

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa.- Construction on the bell tower at Old Main has finished. 

The iconic landmark at Penn State has been under construction as part of the University’s plan to refurbish Old Main to keep the building intact longer. 

The current Old Main building opened in 1930 and serves as the home for administrative offices. Originally, Old Main was constructed in the 1850s and then rebuilt to fix structural issues. Its clock located on the bell tower is the same from the original building and was a gift from the class of 1904. Renovations are set to finish by the end of the month as they are working on the light and speaker systems. 

Students were excited that the landmark and arguably most photogenic aspect of campus was no longer covered by scaffolding. Freshman Nick Smailer expressed his excitement about the building’s renovation. 

“Now that the construction is done on Old Main it looks beautiful and just like its old self,” Smailer said.

While many students were happy that while the bell tower was refurbished, they felt it still looks the same as it used to. 



Sean Barron is a freshman majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact him, email