Council Considers Proposal to Turn Allen Street into Pedestrian Plaza

Story posted October 22, 2019 in News, CommRadio by Marissa Ulchaker

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — The State College Borough Council is proposing a construction project on Allen Street to transform it into a pedestrian plaza. The area would consist of seating, landscaping, a kids’ area and a stage for performances.

Twenty of the 22 businesses on the block gave their approval for the plan.

If approved, people could expect to see Adirondack chairs and café seating, as this construction project would allow for restaurants to provide outdoor seating.

Freshman Morgan O’Connor says that she would welcome the transformation because it would make for a great place to relax while being downtown.

“I think it would be a good idea because after class, you could meet up with your friends, and you could hang out there,” O’Connor said. “I would like to see seating areas with trees and plants around them and places that sell food.”

Once finished, the plaza would also include community dinners, wellness weekends with yoga and fitness competitions, local music showcases, and family board game nights, to name a few activities.

While many of the council members are in favor of the project, others are strongly opposed because of a lack of parking and traffic congestion during busy weekends.

But council president Evan Myers says that he feels that State College can mimic other cities that have completed similar community enhancing projects in order to carry out the process more smoothly.

Junior nursing major Elisabeth Evenhouse also supports the project, saying, “I definitely think it’s a good idea because I feel like there are a lot of streets running through this town, so it wouldn't be super harmful if we shut down one street to make it a place for the community to develop.”

There will be a public hearing on Dec. 2 at the Borough Council’s monthly meeting as well as a possible vote on Dec. 16. 


Marissa Ulchaker is a freshman majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact her, email