Dance From the Heart

Video posted May 1, 2014 in News by By Zachary Lacher


After recently graduating Penn State with a degree in both Biology and Dance, Sara Caplan has decided to take her passion to the next level. 

Caplan grew up in a family with no dancers or artists but a mom who had a love for ballet which led to Caplan being enrolled in dance class and starting to establish her craft at the age of three. 

After she graduated in May 2013, she set out with the goal to go to graduate school and pursue a master’s degree in Fine Arts and Dance, which is the highest degree you can achieve in Studio Art. From there she hopes to achieve her goal and be able to teach at a university on a tenure track position and teach students to share the same kind of passion for dance.

Currently working three jobs; teaching dance at Penn State, teaching at Kennedy Dance Center in Bellefonte, and working at Kohl’s part-time, Caplan does understand how tiring this process is. But with such a deep passion dance and teaching, Caplan has chosen to strive for greatness in pursuit of making her dream of being a full-time dance teacher a reality.