Dancing through rejection

Video posted April 25, 2013 in News by Billy Kornfeld


      At the age of 4, Elizabeth Kornfeld did what many little girls  do, put on a tutu and danced ballet with her mother by her side. Fast forward  fourteen years later, and Kornfeld is still dancing strong and looking to advance her career to the professional level.

      When she first started dancing, Kornfeld was taught ballet and tap dance in a small studio in Yardley, Pa. As she learned each step and move she realized she wanted more. She wanted to learn more dancing and more styles.  

     She joined Newtown School of Dance in 2001 and added modern dance and jazz dance   to her ballet and tap schedule.            

      Kornfeld continued dancing through  elementary  and middle school in  Newtown. By the time she entered Pennsbury High School, Kornfeld wanted   to challenge herself through competing in dance.

      She joined JOVO Dance Company during her freshman year of high school and has been with them ever since.

      Although she has been at JOVO since her freshman year, she has done several personal side projects.

     As a sophomore  she went to the Rockette Summer Intensive.

    This is a week-long program for young dancers, who aspire to become Rockettes . Kornfeld was able to live in New York and dance in Radio City Music Hall,like the Rockettes.

    However, the dream  would only last that week. She went back to New York the summer of her senior year, but this time she auditioned to be a Rockette.

    To be a Rockette, dancers must fit a specific hegiht requirment along with the dancing backgrond. A dancer must be between 5'6" and 5'10" to be considered the "ideal" caninidate. Kornfeld, stands  5'8".    

    And Kornfeld met the preliminary requirements. 

   The auditions can draw as many as 500 potential Rockettes. Kornfeld was the first person to be chosen to go on stage.

      After quickly learning a choreagraphed dance sequence the other dancers, Kornfeld went on stage she was not called back, unfortunately.

     At this point in many dancers’ careers, one would feel rejected. However, Kornfeld did not feel any dejection for being one of the first cut.

   “It was just a great experience, it was fine to get cut,” Kornfeld said.

    Kornfeld knew that the rejection of being a Rockette isn't going to be the last time it will happen in her dancing life. 

  "It was annoying getting rejected, but as a dancer it happens to you 90% of the time. So you better get used to it," Kornfeld said.  

    She continues to dance and compete for JOVO dance in Langhorne. Despite the early exit from the Rockette audtions, Kornfeld still aspires to be in  musical theater.

    Kornfeld plans to learn more about both acting and singing to go along with her dancing career.

Choosing Schools for Dance

As a senior in high school, her college choice is being based on dancing programs at several schools. Some of her top choices include Pace University in New York and University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

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