David Gaines’ Spoken Words

Story posted November 10, 2014 in News, Best of CommMedia by Hannah Byrne

David Gaines is a spoken word artist who has used his taken to help him get through extremely challenging times in his life.  From receiving news that his father has throat cancer, to relationships and faith, David uses spoken word to express himself and share thoughts and emotions that would otherwise not be shared.  He said that he is so thankful for every “like” and comment he receives after posting new pieces onto social media and that knowing people are listening to his work motivates him to do bigger and better things.

From being involved in THON, leading Young Life at State High and countless other activities, Gaines tends to create most of his work in his dorm room late into the night.  He said that his roommate doesn’t mind and that many times he has the small space to himself.  Gaines writes lyrics in his notebook, calling it his “therapist,” and then records himself and lays a track to his spoken word to bring it to life. 

Looking forward, Gaines is ambitious and ready to work hard to reach his goals.  He created a goal chart and has it hanging in his dorm room, listing a few of his top priories for the next year.  From meeting new high school students to performing at open mic nights and writing more lyrics, Gaines has set his dreams high and plans to reach them. 

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