Dealing With Depression

Video posted December 12, 2015 in News by Jessica Goldstein


Ramon Guzman is the Senior Class Gift Campaign Executive Director at Penn State University. He is an education major hoping to progress onto higher education teaching. He is also a member of the Penn State Lion Ambassadors, contributing his efforts to the New Member Education Committee.

Guzman takes pride in his success, which has been both a blessing and a curse for this thriving student. Ever since he was applying to college four years ago, Guzman shares that he suffers with depression due to the immense amount of pressure that he endures.

Coming from a supportive family back in Philadelphia, Guzman finds comfort in surrounding himself with loved ones to distract his mind from depressing times. He is very passionate about his faith, which has been another contributor to helping him overcome depression.

Guzman is a “three-time suicide survivor.” He credits the Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) at Penn State for helping him overcome difficult times. This year, the senior class gift is an endowment to CAPS. The endowment will provide an additional source of funding for counseling and psychological services. Guzman says that he did not have any pull for this year’s gift, but proudly represents his class in the gift that was voted on for 2016.