Denzel Fields transition from a historically black college to predominantly white institution

Video posted April 27, 2017 in News by D'mon Reynolds


Denzel Fields was awarded a full ride scholarship with a stipend to Penn State University at University Park. His transition from Morehouse to Penn State was also different for him because he also was a motivational speaker, as well as preacher back home. He has been trying to regain all his endeavors.

Before receiving his scholarship, he went through some trials in order to get to his true calling.
While at Morehouse both of his parents had lost their job. This led to him losing money to pay for tuition. After this he lived at different friends houses not having a place to consistently stay.

While going through this he dedicates his success to his relationship with God. He recalls God asking him “Can I trust with you trouble?” while he was going through these obstacles. He said “yes” and everything started to fall into place.

He was an English major at Morehouse but took up acting in his spare time.
After auditioning he received 13 offers from different schools. 

Since coming to Penn State his big personality has opened up so many opportunities for him. He has been asked to sing at numerous events such as social activist Dr. Cornel West visit.
He also preaches at Unity Church.

The hardest transition for him has been trying to find a middle ground of staying true to who he is but also using criticism from his new professors to grow.