DJ-ing to Make a Different

Video posted April 30, 2015 in News by Sara Walter


Love, Trust, Loyalty are three main principles Justin Augustine and Ross Pierre don’t just stand by, but work towards in their lives and business. There DJing entertainment business, LTL Entertainment, started off just to pay the bills and work through their semesters, but soon took off to be so much more. From DJing parties to hosting events for other Penn State groups, LTL grew too much more than just paying their bills. It turned into something that put their goals into focus and helped the Penn State community as a whole.  

Justin and Ross both said that beginning the business they didn’t know where it was going, they just wanted to pay their bills but it soon took off to be so much more.  In the beginning of the year, they weren’t even sure what to call themselves, all they knew was they wanted to have a party for everyone to welcome them back to school. But after some consideration they decided on LTL entertainment to represent themselves. The principles they stand by came from another organization they are a part of Growing Achievements to Men, which stands by the principles of love, trust, and loyalty; and they just took that LTL and brought it to the business.

Although their business gives back so much to the community, they have experienced some backlash, Justin and Ross stated. With all the positive effects their business was having, they said they think that some groups were jealous of how successful they had become throughout the Penn State community. Ross laughs when he thinks about how could people be mad at others helping others in the community and trying to bring everyone together.

But even with some of the backlash, LTL has continued to grow and reach out. They plan to start offering more scholarships for students and becoming more than just a Penn State community entertainment business. While they have connections in Philadelphia and Connecticut, Ross and Justin continue to grow their community and fan base knowing that they aren’t just DJing anymore, they are going to make a difference. And continue to bring communities together anyway they can.

From Flyers to Social Media

In this short clip, Ross talks about the where they began with flyers to now having the fan base that all they have to do is post on the social media outlet, Instagram. With the growing support from the community Ross discusses how in the beginning they handed out flyers everyday to make their first event, “Battle of the Jungle Juices,” a huge success for Penn State students.