Losing it all creates new opportunity for Da’quan Davis

Video posted April 22, 2016 in News, Sports by Adeola Bakre

Da'quan Davis was known for his speed and innate football playing skills. He says that nothing hit him from left field as hard as finding out he would be losing his Penn State football scholarship.

Davis came from a tough upbringing in Baltimore, Maryland, and says he used his love of sports as an escape. With a struggling mother at home, and younger siblings to worry about, Davis says he tackled each life with the hopes of a professional career in football.

But losing it all opened another door of opporunity that he sasys he didn't see coming. 

Dj Trepound , is what Da'quan goes by now as he is the headling DJ at State College's popular bar The Lion's Den.  The night is called "Drippin' Tuesdays"  and Davis says it saved his life. He learned that the popularity gained from being a star football player transfered into his nightlife stardom. 

"It opened my eyes to the fact that there are no limitation, no matter how good I am at something, I can be just as good in another area of my life."

He says that his loss was a learning expereince that taught him about himself and the direction of his life.

" I'm not sure what I will do next but I'm confident that if I want it, its mine," he says.