From Plants to Polls

Video posted December 8, 2015 in News by Emily Brozyna


Suzann Tedesco is the majority inspector for the 17th Precinct of Northeastern State College for voting. Tedesco moved to State College in October of 2002 and became active in Penn State Master Gardeners. One of her fellow gardeners suggested that she should work on the election board as a way to get to know other community members.

After only a few days of being settled in her new home, she became a clerk for voting. In 2008, Tedesco ran for election to become Majority Inspector.

Tedesco says voting means a lot to her. She had never physically voted in Pennsylvania until 1991, as she grew up in a military family and had always voted through absentee ballots. Tedesco says she has very strong feelings about serving for our country and taking part in the election process.