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Story posted November 3, 2015 in News by College of Communications multimedia students

The polls opened at 7 a.m. on Election Day in Centre County. Local elections include races for the school board, borough council, sheriff, recorder of deeds, judges and the position of coroner. Statewide, voters have the opportunity to elect three new judges to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Students from the College of Communications fanned out across the county to cover the election here are their stories.


State rep stumps for fellow Democrat

Scott Conklin is a state representative from the 77th district who decided to spend majority of election day doing a favor by campaigning for his friend and register of wills candidate, Amanda McCartney. Conklin said it is extremely important to always vote in all elections, not just presidential elections, because it is essential to be apart of the election process. 

~ by Shanice Simmons

Early start, long day for poll worker

Jim Leous, Majority Inspector of Elections for State College Precinct 31 helps the judge of elections in his precinct with the various duties of the day including the 7 a.m. set up. He is also in charge of signing off on the elections for the Democratic Party. Leous says he’s been working as the Majority Inspector of Elections for 10 years, ensuring that the elections run smoothly.

~ by Kyle Rosenthal


Election Day at Precinct 31

David Beyerle, Judge of Elections for State College’s Precinct 31, supervises the polling place at Holy Trinity Orthodox Church where he and his staff not only welcome back veteran voters, but also guide first-timers through the process.

~ by Palmira Rios


Elections judge explains voting process

Bob Minard, Judge of Elections for State College Borough Precinct 18 Northwest, takes his job responisibilities seriously.

~ by Alex Woodin


Clerk works polling station to encourage voters

Malcolm Woolen is a clerk at precent 18 in State College, and helps set up the polls and assists voters during the voting process. Woolen hopes that by working the polls he will help encourage as many people to vote as possible, even though we are not in a Presidential election year.

~ by Cody Enos


The 18th Precinct Election Judge

Bob Minard, of State College, is the 18th Precinct Election Judge. He spent the day at Unity Church of Jesus Christ setting up the poll and assisting with people voting. He volunteers for both local and national elections, always working at the church.

~ by Thomas Kopania


First Time Voter

Natalie Faulds is a Penn State sophomore currently studying Finance and French. For this election she decided that she wanted to vote. She cast her ballot at the Unity Church of Jesus Christ. Faulds says that some knowledge of the candidates is probably suggested, but she thinks that it is still important to go out and vote because it is not that big of a time commitment, and it is our right as Americans.

~ by Sully Holt


Involving a younger generation

Erin Lemons, 18, is a senior at Bellefonte High School. She was offered a chance to earn volunteer hours towards her graduation project by being a poll worker. She said she thought it would be a good chance to help out. Lemons is a registered voter, and says it is important for people to vote, not only because it’s an American right, but it is a way of expressing views.

~ by Kristin Consorti


Student gets paid to endorse candidates, encourage voting

Sophomore Hannah Bisbing spent election day in the HUB reminding students to vote. Bisbing is getting paid by Democrat Amanda McCartney’s campaign for Register of Wills. Bisbing was one of many students from the College Democrats organization being paid to bring out the vote.

~ by Tyler Ball


Pipe hopes for victory again

Michael Pipe first ran for Centre Country commissioner — still a relatively unknown candidate in the race — four years ago, following an unsuccessful run for congress. Since then, he’s made waves in his position, advocating for criminal justice reform and other social issues. Throughout the day, Pipe advocated for his re-election, handing out pamphlets with his information on it to prospective voters. He said he's hopeful  about another election victory tonight.

~ by Megan Henney


Volunteer says voting is important

Carla Roser Jones volunteered to campaign for court of common pleas judicial candidate Katie Oliver. She says, “I think it’s every person’s responsibility to learn about the candidates and to come out on election day, and vote for the people will make us a better world.”

~ by Jen Liu


With A Little Help From His Friends

Centre County Commissioner Michael Pipe, 29, is running for re-election. Pipe graduated from Penn State in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in political science and won election in 2011. Pipe believes his youth allows him to connect with students and being raised in Centre County allows him to interact with older residents.  Pipe believes his volunteers, ages 18 to 65, make a successful campaign. 

~ by Valentine Ndibalema

It's What Makes America Great

This was Vincent Tedesco’s fifth year helping with the Centre County elections. Tedesco didn’t cast his own first paper ballot until he was in his 40’s because he served for over 27 years in the U.S. military.  He has always held the firm faith that voting is what makes the United States a strong and successful country. 

~ by Finn Li

A Loyal Supporter


Terry Stuart campaigned at the Municipal Building on Election Day for candidate and friend Janet Engeman. The State College resident is a strong supporter and one day wants to follow in her footsteps and run for Borough Council himself. He says this is the first year that Engeman is running for office and believes she will make a “huge change” in the State College community.

~ by Georgie Wayne


Your Voice in Democracy

Political science major Andrew Uhring disagrees with students who are apathetic and don't vote.  He believes voting is how you have your voice in democracy.

~ by Cara Markward

Appliance store lends space to voters

Mike’s Video, TV, and Appliance of State College is always happy to lend its space for voting during local and national elections says sales manager Jason Dougherty.  Providing a polling place is good for the community and Dougherty says Mike’s appreciates the bonus exposure that voting provides the business.

~ by Alex DeGregorio


Turning out the vote

Shawn Kane is a member of the College Democrats at Penn State and is one of their many members who was out encouraging students to vote in today’s election. In addition to encouraging voter turnout, the College Democrats also help students register to vote.

~ by Caitlin DePaolis


From Plants to Polls

Suzann Tedesco is the majority inspector for the 17th Precinct of Northeastern State College for voting. Tedesco moved to State College in October of 2002. She became active in Penn State Master Gardeners. One of her fellow gardeners suggested that she should work on the election board as a way to get to know other community members.
After only a few days of being settled in her new home, she became a clerk for voting. In 2008, Tedesco ran for election to become Majority Inspector.

~ by Emily Brozyna


Slow But Sure

Donna Brooks and her fellow poll workers find ways to keep busy at St. Methodist Church on a slow Election Day at the polls.

~ by Hannah Brown

Professor runs for office

A Penn State computer science professor with a love for politics found himself in a new situation on this Election Day -- running for State College borough council. There are five candidates running for four council seats. Tonight  Jesse Barlow will find out if he is one of the victors.

~ by Chelsea Friedman


Slow polling day at the Friends Meetinghouse

During an off-year election yesterday in State College some polling places did not get much action. Friends Meetinghouse of State College was one of these locations. Tarynn Sherry is one of five Bellefonte high school students to volunteer at the Quaker religious house where they stayed for 12 hours waiting for the crowd to come.

~ by Christine Rienzo


A  Word From Our President

Among those who voted Tuesday at Penn State’s HUB-Robeson Center was Penn State’s president Eric Barron. Barron said with a smile that you can’t complain about the process if you don’t vote.

~by Jessica Goldstein

A progressive view on the election

While he may be listed as president, Jeffery Masko says he’s not interested in being part of a political group that gives the majority of the power to one person. Masko is the leader of the Progressive Student Coalition at Penn State and their mission is to give a home on campus to a wide range of political perspectives that aren’t commonly discussed in mainstream politics. Mask says he believes local elections are important because you have a bigger voice in a smaller area.

~ by Ciara O'Callaghan


One room polling place

Beth Holcomb is the minority inspector for election day at a one-room school house near Bellefonte. The building has been rumored to have been standing since the 1800s, but has been used on election day for many years.  Holcomb and the rest of her staff served more than 110 voters throughout the day. She said she was surprised with the big turnout for the off-year election.

~ by Matthew Seifert


The Election Judge

Peter Jurs, 72, of State College, is a Chemistry Professor emeritus at Penn State University. Today he worked as the election judge for State College North Precinct number 16. 

~ by Paul Kemper


The voting experience

Marisa Ferger, instructor and staff member in the Penn State Weather Communications Group, says her voting experience in Ferguson Township had a minor glitch.

~ by Jillian Bohenek


Voting for Democrats

Arron Blakmay is a sophomore member of the Penn State College Democrats. His says his interest in politics started during the 2012 elections and he knew coming into college he wanted to get involved with politics.

Blakmay says he believes that the local races are very important for the economy, our tax system, and for students. He says he voted in the local elections straight Democratic because he believes the candidates were more qualified and would bring more change to Center County.

~ by Taylor Lennox


Volunteers canvass to reach young voters

Ron Simpson is a volunteer at the office for the Centre County Democratic party, located on South Allen Street. Simpson is spending his Election Day calling registered Democrats in the area, encouraging their turnout.

~ by Rachel Sapienza


Making the process run smoothly

Renee Ziegler is the Judge of Elections of College South Precinct 42. She spent Centre County election day overseeing the polling place at Juniper Village and assisting voters when needed. Her main responsibility as judge of elections is to ensure all registered voters have the opportunity to vote on election day.

~ by Taylor Clayton

Volunteering to help the Community

Mercedes Howard, of State College, volunteered today at Outlook Church to assist in the election process. She wanted to be involved to help the community. She said she also volunteered in the 2008 presidential election.

~ by Juanita Henry


Warming up for the presidential election

Carolyn Tothero, of State College, worked at Outlook Church as an election official. This is the second time she has volunteered to work at Outlook. She said she hopes to work again for the presidential election in 2016.

~ by Deesha Thosar

Campaigning For a Friend

David Stone spent his election day campaigning for his friend Janet Engeman.  The State College native hoped to help Engeman clinch one of the four available seats on the borough council.  Stone, who lost a bid for a borough council seat last election, said he chose to focus his efforts on ensuring the “best possible candidate” got a seat this year. 

~ by Alex Church

Candidate for County Sheriff

Matt Rickard is a candidate for County Sheriff in Centre County, PA. He says he has been involved in public service for as long as he can remember. He was a member of the Marines, the police force, the S.W.A.T. team, and worked as a detective. Matt has decided this is the next step in advancing his career.

~ by Katie Carlson

Student reminds her peers to vote

Lauren Nogay, a member of Penn State's College Democrats, stood in front of the Willard building this afternoon to remind students to vote. She says it is important for students to participate in local elections because local lawmakers make decisions that can directly affect them.

~ by Megan Caldwell


State representative encourages voter participation


State Rep. Scott Conklin, D-Rush Township, represents the legislative district that includes Penn State University. He has been voting ever since he turned 18, four decades ago. This morning he was campaigning in front of Oakwood Presbyterian Church in State College. He says it’s important for voters to take advantage of the transparent election system and make wise decisions.

~ by Yibai Tan

Millinder campaigns to be the new boss

Christine Millinder has worked in Centre County government for 28 years, including the last six as Chief Deputy Register of Wills. She hopes to replace her boss, Kimberly A. Barton, current Register of Wills, who will be retiring at the end of 2015.

~ by Xue Bao

Family Tradition

As the sun rose over Centre County, Pa. on Tuesday, November 3, 2015, volunteers prepared for the arrival of voters on a chilly start to Election Day.
Within the red brick walls of the Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, David Beyerle joked and chatted with the other election officials as the clock ticked towards 7 A.M. and the opening of the polls. 
Inspired by his mother’s volunteering when he was a child, Beyerle has been volunteering for this precinct for seven or eight years.
He is an engineer with Penn State University by profession but loves volunteering twice a year on Election Day.

~ by Haley Nelson

The System Needs Fixing

Luke Vonada believes the way to get more people, especially students, to vote is to change our education system.

~ by Abhar Shah


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