Election Day

Video posted December 8, 2018 in News by Yanisa Kongsiri


Penn State students and State College residents are casting their vote for this year’s midterm election. Jordan Emily is a sophomore studying Secondary Education and Social Studies. Aside from preparing to be a teacher, Emily volunteers as a poll worker at the St. Paul’s United Methodist Church. This is his third-year volunteering. He believes that by volunteering, he plays a big part in helping the community give people a place to vote. “If people don’t have a place to vote, they can’t have a voice in the government and elect officials who can best represent them,” he said. Emily emphasizes the importance for students to vote, especially those who go to Penn State is that the people who were voted in right now are making decisions that are directly affecting them as students. “If you do register to vote here, then you’re going to be able to elect officials who are going to be on your side on the different issues that you have,” he said.

Polling volunteers like Addison Elbert is also a sophomore studying at Penn State. She explains how her decision to become a volunteer derived from the fact that she didn’t register to vote on time but still wanted to be part of the election process. “We got here at 6:15 am and set up all of the boxes. There are rules and regulations that we have to follow in order for our location to be official. The voters came in at 7:00 am, we take their names and make sure they are able to vote, give them their ballot, and the rest is history,” Elbert explains about her job as a volunteer.
Both Emily and Elbert believe that it is important for students to acknowledge that they can have their voice heard.