Video posted April 26, 2018 in News by Allison Lavelle


Garrett Beck - Magnum Broadcasting promotional director has come a long way from his title in the QWiK ROCK 105.9 family. Not finishing his degree at Penn State, the State College native packed up and headed down to Georgia to become a chef for a number of years before heading back to his roots here in Happy Valley to work in Radio. Recording over 90 weather broadcasts each day for over 25 stations - he continues to attract viewers with his smooth talking skills on-air and in person during promotions his home-station 105.9 puts on around Centre County. While Beck is the “Promotional Director,” for his station - he is also the social media coordinator, advertising guru, middle-man for third party vendors and comedian. While he starts his daily routine at one in the morning each day - his weekends are spent on the dance floor at State College “Premiere Gentlemen's Club; Endzone,” running the audio board, helping the dancers make some money and creating new playlists for the audience to enjoy. This man does it all - from weather forecasts to “exotic dancers,” he has a talent for the ears.