The Man in the Dapper Suit and Ukulele

Story posted April 25, 2017 in News by Dhiya Siseido



“Say cheese!,” said Alana Fiero (second from the left), Co-President of PSUkulele after their performance at Webster’s Bookstore & Café, University Park. Photo by Dhiya Siseido

Nick Pugliesi said the first thing he wanted to do after transferring to University Park campus was to find a ukulele club. The former Penn State Abington commuter said that joining the club helped him to settle down and adjust with the hectic campus.

Most of the PSUkulele members attended a meeting in Boucke building on a Thursday night dressed in their go-to casual attire, except for one man wearing a dapper navy blue suit.

Pugliesi, a computer science major, said he started playing ukulele to impress a girl who was a huge fan of the American duo band 21 Pilots. Pugliesi said he started to like the band, too.

“Honestly, I fell in love with 21 Pilots because of my girlfriend,” Pugliesi said.

Three years later, he's still playing the ukulele and a 21 Pilots sticker is afixed to the front of the instrument.

The newbie now has taken on a new role as vice president of PSUkuleles.

PSUkulele co-founder Alana Fiero said Pugliesi has earned the leadership role because of his talent, dedication and charisma.

“Nick has the charisma of making everyone else feels comfortable and this is just what ukulele club needs,” Fiero said.

Video: Last one for the team, first one for him

On Sunday, April 24th, PSUkulele staged its end of the year showcase. For Pugliesi, it was his first public performance. “Every time I play the uke I just feel so relaxed,” he said.

PSUkulele has been around for three years now.

Pugliesi says the club welcomes newbies. You "don’t have to be the Jimi Hendrix of ukulele, don’t have to be a music major, because members come from different majors and will help each other out," Pugliesi said.

(Source: video of Twenty One Pilots – "Stressed Out" by Hamish and Andy)