Fashion Column: Bronzed and Beautiful for Spring Break

Story posted March 2, 2014 in CommRadio by Jane Moreland

Fact is, women love to be tan.  I don't care if you are 14, 21, or 55; everyone thinks they look better with a tan.  I'd debate that this isn't the case, and no matter your skin tone, you are beautiful...but I know no one is going to read that article.  I've fallen victim to this bronzed goddess belief before, so I'll fill you in on the best tanning products, whether you're going to the salon or doing it yourself.

First, let's start with self-tanner.  Depending on the type you get, it's usually more cost-effective than tanning beds. However, it is not quite as long lasting.  For those on a tight budget, my favorite product line is by Jergens Natural Glow.  Their foaming daily moisturizer goes on easily and dries within a minute.  If you're just starting your tanning process now and you have fair skin, start with their lightest shade.  The entire bottle lasted me over a year!  At Walmart stores you can find this product for under $9. 

Next, for those who already have a base tan, try Banana Boat Summer Color Self-Tanning Lotions.  These will make you extremely dark.  When I was obsessed with being tan, I'd go to a tanning bed every other day and use this product.  People actually asked my roommate what national origin I was because my tan was so dark.  This product is sold at McLanahan's, but if they're sold out (or it's too expensive) try Walmart stores for a price of about $6.45. 

My third recommendation applies to those who have some money to spend on an exceptional fake tan.  St. Tropez's products are known worldwide for their beautiful results.  They have a range of products like gradual tan, instant color, tan prepping and maintenance.  Their best-selling Self Tan Bronzing Mousse & Mit will run you $42 on their website  Added bonus: you won't end up with orange hands. 

For those of you who prefer going to a tanning bed over self-tanning, you probably already have a favorite salon.  But, if you're on a budget or don't plan on buying a package, I recommend The Bronze or Ultimate Tans.  The Bronze offers "per-session" options as low as $5.  Ultimate Tans has per-session options for their three different levels of beds.  Their low bed is $9 per session, medium bed is $15, and high bed is $19.  One week of unlimited tanning in the medium bed goes for $25.  For more information on deals and pricing, contact The Bronze at (814) 238-4080 and Ultimate Tans at (814) 272-4826. 

California Tanning Express offers a great variety of strong tanning beds.  Their associates were unable to disclose pricing information over the phone, so you'll have to go into the salon to ask questions.  From my experience, unless they have a deal going on, it's very expensive.  Additionally, if you have a busy schedule you might not like California Tanning.  The salon almost always has a wait of 10-20 minutes on average.       

Finally, when it comes to tanning lotions, do not buy them in the salon!  They are overpriced and you can find the same products online.  The site has some great deals including JWOWW Black Bronzer Dark Tanning Lotion for around $21.  If you try to buy this in any salon around State College, I'd be surprised if it cost less than $45.  Search "discount tanning lotions" and you'll immediately have tons of options at a lesser price.

Remember, when on spring break, wear at least 30 SPF sunscreen!  Sun damage causes aging and wrinkles later in life.  Buy a cute hat with a wide brim to keep the hot sun off your skin.  When I used to tan in tanning beds, I'd cover my face to protect it as well.  It's up to you but be sure to have a fun and safe spring break, while protecting your skin! 

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Jane Moreland is a senior majoring in telecommunications. To contact her, email