Fencer Hunter Walker’s ‘Cardistry’

Video posted October 30, 2013 in News by Simeon Pantelidis



Hunter Walker, a junior security and risk analysis - cyber security major from Lancaster, California, practices Card tricks and card art (cardistry) when he relaxes from his fencing training.

Walker began fencing at a young age, competing in clubs for years until he became recognized as an outstanding talent. He grew interested in competing for a top college fencing program, and learned that Penn State's was among the best nationally. His ambition to play for Penn State drove him to apply to the school, where he has now been competing  for over 2 years.

Walker learned card tricks after seeing card magicians doing tricks at entertainment venues. He says it gives him something to focus - for his hands and his mind - when he takes a break from daily training sessions for fencing.

Hunter pic