Field lines, sidelines and bar lines

Story/Video posted December 4, 2017 in News by Kendal Higdon

When the Penn State football team wins, most students thank star running back Saquon Barkley, but Sean Corcoran likes to thank a temporary tattoo instead.

Corcoran is a Penn State senior who is majoring in Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering.  During his freshman he was a preferred walk on long snapper for the Nittany Lions.

UGVubiBTdGF0ZSBGb290YmFsbCBsYXlpbmcgaW4gdGhlIGdyYXNzIGJlZm9yZSBTZWFuIENvcmNvcmFuIGlzIGdvaW5nIHRvIGxvbmcgc25hcCBpdCBsaWtlIGhlIGRpZCB3aGVuIGhlIHdhcyBhIHBsYXllciBvbiB0aGUgdGVhbS4gPenn State Football laying on the turf before Corcoran is going to long snap it like he did when he was a player on the team. (Photo by Kendal Higdon)

He worked out and practiced with the team in 2013 and 2014. After his second season Corcoran started to fall behind the others athletically and could not pass his conditioning test. Head coach, James Franklin brought him in to talk about being a manager instead of a player.

“I had a meeting with Coach Franklin and he was like look Sean we like you we think you are a great kid but athletically you're just not there. Your 40 time is not fast enough. Your not making gains in the weight room," Corcoran said. "I was always too small I never had enough weight.” 

Corcoran worked as a manager for a year before he started to feel ill. While home Corcoran went to the doctor to get checked out and he found out he had Hodgkin's Lymphoma, which is a cancer that starts in white blood cells called lymphocytes.

For the 2016 season Corcoran stayed home to get treatment. This school year is his first season back working for the team. However, instead of hanging out with the football players like before, Corcoran now finds himself hanging out with the other football managers. He said one thing the managers enjoy doing together is to go to a local bar and listen to a cover band named My Hero Zero. They started watching them at Saloon on Thursday and then followed them to Champs on Friday.

“Sean absolutely loved them basically from the beginning. At first most of us weren’t necessarily as into it as he was but he kind of just like got a whole group it and then now we all just love going on Fridays now,” Corcoran’s roommate Mike Brown said.

VGhlIE15IEhlcm8gWmVybyB0YXR0b28gdGhhdCBTZWFuIENvcmNvcmFuIHdlYXJzIGVhY2ggZ2FtZSBmb3IgZ29vZCBsdWNrIHBsYWNlZCBvbiBoaXMgYmljZXAuThe My Hero Zero tattoo that Corcoran wears each game for good luck placed on his bicep. (Photo by Kendal Higdon)

Corcoran’s connection to the band follows him to the sidelines on game day. During the first show of this year the lead singer of My Hero Zero was giving out temporary tattoos with the name of the band on them. Corcoran decided to take a handful so he could wear one on his bicep while he worked each game.

At first Corcoran did it as a joke, but then it became a superstition. If Corcoran did not have the tattoo on for every game then he was scared they were going to lose.

“I do it every game now. Every game I have it on even if you can’t see it I put it on and its kind of our good luck charm,” Corcoran said.


Video: Meeting the Band 

Sean Corcoran’s roommate, friend, and fellow football manager Michael Brown was with Corcoran when he first discovered My Hero Zero. After many trips to the bar and encouragement from his friend, Brown has become fond of the Friday night tradition.


Video: Family Banding

After multiple trips to the bar to see My Hero Zero, Sean Corcoran was finally able to talk his mom into going with him. Corcoran’s roommate, friend, and fellow football manager Michael Brown loved seeing them together at the bar because they were both having the time of their life.

(Photos and video by Kendal Higdon. Additional photos courtesy of Sean Corcoran.)