Financially Fit

Video posted April 24, 2018 in News by Annika Halstrom


Brad Yeckley is the associate director of the Financial Literacy and Wellness center at Penn State. After working for an investment firm for years, Yeckley accepted a job at Penn State, despite the decrease in salary, because of his passion for helping others. He presents on campus to students, and meets with students individually, to discuss how to save money, how to pay off student loans and what to do with personal finances after graduation.

His passion for helping others maximize their financial potential translates to his passion for helping others improve their overall health and well-being. Yeckley opened Nittany CrossFit, his CrossFit gym in State College, to support people who want to achieve new health and fitness goals. Coaching three classes a week, Yeckley is dedicated to helping others improve their lifestyle both in his personal and professional career.