Ice cold fly fishing

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Fishing Stress-Free

Andrew Sarcinello has been fly-fishing for four years now and is not looking to stop anytime soon. He first cast a line into the creek with his grandfather’s old gear. He had his own fly-fishing gear a year later.

Millbrook Marsh is one of Sarcinello’s many places he likes to fish. He finds it necessary to get out to the creek and clear his mind and enjoy the nature. He usually fishes alone, but said that it is safer to be with a partner.

“You are so in tune with everything that’s going on in your surroundings,” he said.

As the vice president of the fly fishing club at Penn State, much of Sarcinello’s time is spent on the road, fly-fishing in different states. On average, Sarcinello spends one day a week each year at any given creek.


He was looking for something more fun to do, and regular fishing was not cutting it.

“I started out doing normal fishing, and it kind of got boring after a while. Once you master the basics of fly-fishing, it becomes a lot more effective than regular fishing,” he said.

His love for fly-fishing continues to grow. It’s one thing Sarcinello knows he can look forward to each week.

“Every time you go out, there’s always something new to learn,” he said. “Catching fish in the winter is a challenge and such a good feeling.”

What makes fly-fishing all the more special to Andrew is that it’s a good way to spend quality time with his father.

Sarcinello recommends fly-fishing to everyone and said it is the place to be if you are stressed or need to get away. 

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Leonard Gliwa is the president of the fly fishing club at Penn State. He has been fly-fishing since he was seven years old. He is currently a licensed fly-fishing guide in the state of Pennsylvania.