Freshmen Only to Attend Final Spring Football Practice, Students React

Story posted March 18, 2021 in CommRadio, News by Emma Aken

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Penn State President Eric Barron officially announced that first-year students at University Park will be allowed to attend Penn State football’s final spring practice in Beaver Stadium on April 17

The football team’s final spring practice, known in previous years as the Blue-White Game, has been a tradition loved by students for many years. Due to COVID-19, this is the first time that not all students are invited to attend. Controversy ensued directly following the release of the news.

Trenton Armstrong, a junior at Penn State, has mixed feelings on the announcement.

“I’m definitely glad that some fans get to go, especially the freshmen because they missed out on so much this year and their senior year of high school,” Armstrong said. “But I can’t help but feel bad for the seniors who went to their last football game and didn’t even know.”

“I’m also definitely jealous because I love Penn State football and would love to be in Beaver Stadium again,” he added.

Taylor Lewis, a freshman at Penn State, shared her perspective.

“I’m super excited to attend, and I am glad they are allowing us to go since we haven’t been able to go to a game yet,” Lewis said. “But I feel bad for the upperclassmen since it is the seniors’ last year, and the sophomores have never been able to go to a Blue-White Game.”

Lewis was asked if she had any concerns about COVID with some students now being able to attend the game.

“I don’t really have any concerns since they will be following the COVID restrictions,” Lewis stated. “I think it’s great that the university is trying to make things as normal as possible.”

The university has emphasized that those who attend the final spring practice will be required to wear face masks at all times and practice physical distancing. In addition, tailgating will not be permitted, as university parking lots will be closed. The university has also said that it is prepared to change plans if the pandemic worsens and that information will continue to be shared leading up to the event.

Kylie Platania shared her thoughts on the event as a senior at Penn State.

“I think that with some of the COVID restrictions being lifted in State College, it makes sense that the Blue-White Game will be happening, mostly for the sake of our players, especially seniors getting to play a game in the stadium,” Platania said. “I don’t understand the choice to only let freshmen [into] the game when seniors have been robbed of their last season of football as a college student. In my mind, they should either let the senior class go or do it in a first-come, first-serve way for all students.”

First-year students at University Park will receive an email directly from Penn State Athletics with details and instructions for attending the final spring practice on April 17.


Emma Aken is a freshman majoring in journalism. To contact her, email