Double Oh7 Works Up to the Top

Story posted March 2, 2017 in News by Callan Clasby

When Penn State student Joe Waterfield turned 21, he came up with an out of the ordinary way to start a nonexistent band in State College.  Having played the guitar for nearly fifteen years and teaching himself how to sing, he thought it could be a fun way to get involved with the Penn State community by starting a band and performing live in front of his peers at local downtown bars.  Water field approached several bars, setting up gigs for a at the time a nonexistent band, but when given a few times to perform, Waterfield was quick to setting up a group that, with time, practice, and the opportunity to perform, has grown into a well known band across the Penn State Community and was even given the opportunity to perform during THON 2017. Double Oh7 now performs every Friday for the Phyrst’s happy hour and at Cafe.  This year was the first year the band was chosen to perform at THON, where they played all-time classics that kept the dancers dancing and singing throughout the weekend.