From Teaching to Preaching

Story posted December 9, 2014 in News by Victoria Burdo


          Penn State alumnus Jonathan Suloff grew up a Lutheran boy with a family who was very involved in the church. Suloff found church boring and wondered why anyone would want to be a pastor. He always thought he wanted to be a teacher. It was his dream job for most of his life.

           During a confirmation class in ninth grade, Suloff spent a weekend away from his parents, in a hotel with his friends, at a Lutheran Youth Conference. After that his involvement with the church grew and one day it clicked. He knew he wanted to be a pastor, though many people still can’t believe that this is his career.

           Jonathan has never seen pastors as any different than ordinary people. He is a prime example of that. Suloff enjoys playing and watching sports, reading science fiction novels, getting tattoos and piercings, and most importantly spending hours on end playing Hot Wheels with his five-year-old son.