Future lawyer makes the cut

Video posted April 23, 2012 in News by Equille Williams


Penn State student Saadiq Cooper (Sr. - Crime Law & Justice) loves cutting hair, as it has opened many doors for him on campus and has allowed him to meet new people and make lasting friends. He considers it to be his own personal artwork, helping people to look good for job interviews or the occasional weekend party.  He cuts anywhere between 10 to 12 heads in a typical week, with Friday and Saturday being his busiest days. He laments that he doesn’t get enough time to himself, as the demand for his services has been climbing.

In addition to his hobby, Cooper has a passion for criminal law and philosophy. He talks about some of the things he does related to his major and his own personal goals and beliefs, including his dream of opening up his own school to ensure the future of children coming through the system. He does a lot of reading every week, especially in contractual philosophy.

Not only does Cooper wish to open up his own school, he also hopes to start his own barbershop business. His dream is to rival even the most established of organizations, such as Supercuts. Cooper is looking to make his mark on society, stylistically and academically.


The Fade - Hairstyling with Saadiq

The fade is becoming a popular hair style again amongst urban culture. Any good barber should know how to properly execute this specific cut. Cooper goes through the steps to show us how to make the fade look great!