Get to know the true Kendall Neal

Video posted May 3, 2016 in News by Andie Ashbaugh


Kendall Neal, 24, moved to State College two years ago to find a new start just a few dozens away from his hometown of Punxsutawney, PA. Working as a full-time team lead at the Urban Outfitters downtown, it took Neal some time to find his niche amongst the predominantly college-student town. Quiet, artistic and kept-to-himself, Neal managed to find a colorful community that broke him out of his shell and enlightened him to a new lifestyle he never before imagined he’d be apart of: drag.

Neal immersed himself into a world painted with lipstick and brushed in contour; a world free of judgment where [the drag community] “can be who they want to be.” With the flip of a switch, Kendall Neal transforms into Cleo Profit, his sassy drag counterpart who takes the stage to dance, lip sync and bring fabulousness to an entirely new level. From the outside the world sees the soft-spoken, young adult, but deep down lives the fiery Cleo who is always itching to break free.