Governor’s NCAA lawsuit and its fate

Video posted May 3, 2013 in News, Sports by Centre Focus


The public and economic damage from the Jerry Sandusky scandal and last summer’s crippling NCAA sanctions continues to negatively impact Penn State and the surrounding region. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett added a new chapter to the NCAA sanctions in January  2013, when he announced the commonwealth would be suing the NCAA. The reason is the alleged economic damages on Penn State and the entire state.

Reporter Rob Greissiner and team producers Tyler Estright, Nicole Salcito and Chris Chun  look beyond the initial outrage to see how  a successful and precedent-setting lawsuit might impact the university and citizens of the commonwealth.  Although some Penn State experts, including the renowned Lou Prado, generally support the lawsuit, some think it’s being done for selfish reasons. The reporting team talks with legal experts who believe the suit could be won on certain technicalities.

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