Grammy’s 2023: Best and Worst Dressed

Story posted February 15, 2023 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by CommRadio Arts & Entertainment Staff

Best Dressed: Taylor Swift

The winner of the Best Music Video for her “All Too Well: The Short Film,” Taylor Swift stole the show in her two-piece navy red carpet look at the 2023 Grammy Awards.

Taylor Swift always looks 10/10 for every red carpet, and the Grammy ceremonies were no different. Her glamor and elegance graced the television and all the other stars she accompanied.

Dressed and styled by Roberto Cavalli, Swift wore a midnight blue skirt and long-sleeve top with statement silver and sapphire earrings. Swift, argued by many, is music royalty and her red carpet appearance definitely proved it.

Swift was beautiful, stylish, and sophisticated, per usual, at the Grammys. Her lookbook should be studied for generations and many others should take notes. - Natalie Simone

Worst Dressed: Harry Styles

What a let down. Harry Styles blew away the crowd by winning two Grammys: Best Album (“Harry’s House”) and Best Pop Vocal Album (“Harry’s House”). Styles dressed in bedazzled rainbow overalls with no shirt, exposing his tattoos, and only has the designer, Egonlab, to blame.

A muppet concert? A “The Rainbow Fish” book reading? Unfortunately, no. He wore this to the Grammys.

Styles stands for anyone being able to wear whatever they want, but his point would be better made if he would wear clothes that weren’t objectively ugly.

He could have at least chosen an outfit with sophistication. Long story short, Harry Styles has no style; his music is great, but maybe sticking behind the mic or in concert is where he should stay. - Natalie Simone

Best Dressed: Lizzo

It was not a surprise Lizzo looked stunning at the Grammys this year. Through multiple outfit changes, she stayed stylish the entire night.

First, the red carpet look, an orange Dolce & Gabbana dress underneath a beautiful red cape covered in crafted roses cascading down. Lizzo made her presence known when entering the award show.

The shiny silver dress she changed into, and later accepted her award in, was the perfect switch from elegant to fun. Lizzo was absolutely the best dressed there. - Cassie Baylis

Worst Dressed: Justin Bieber

Starting with the oversized look, Bieber looks more like a child trying to fit into an adult’s suit 10 sizes too big for him. Is this fashion? Does it work? The answer is “no” to both.

Baggy suit aside, I don’t think anyone is here for the bright pink beanie paired with the platform crocs as accessories.

Haley looked refined and meant to be at an award ceremony beside him, so it’s a little confusing why Justin arrived looking as though he just rolled out of bed. - Cassie Baylis

Worst Dressed: Blac Chyna

A word to Blac Chyna’s stylist: Halloween was in October, the Grammys are in February.

Think she got the memo?

Chyna’s black feathered, bedazzled red carpet attire was an eyesore. Some call it a fashion statement, and maybe it was, but wrong place, wrong time.

The look caused viewers to reference Natalie Portman’s “Black Swan”, which is kind considering how unpleasant the ensemble was. Truly on first impression the look really gave a “scarecrow sitting on the neighbor’s front lawn at 6 p.m.” type of vibe.

Honestly, it’s difficult to figure out what was worse, her eye makeup or just about every other detail of the outfit.

The black on black with each piece washes out the bedazzled jewels on the outfit, making them tough to see without eye strain.

As bad as this fashion faux pas was, what could have made it slightly better was adding some type of highlight or color, removing the headpiece and fixing the runny-eyeliner look.

When it comes to this outfit, there are two takeaways.

First, less is more. Less feathers, remove the jewels hanging from the main body suit piece and lose the headpiece.

Second, give the stylist the right details, so they know not to style a haunted house costume for a red carpet appearance. - Abby Chachoute

Best Dressed: Steve Lacy

This year's best dressed at the Grammys has to go to Steve Lacy, who was rocking Saint Laurent.

While technically it was just a plain black suit, the accessories elevate the outfit to pure class. Suit jackets with no shirt underneath seemed to be a trend at this year’s Grammys, and Lacy pulled this look off the best.

The bright white tips of Lacy’s shoes, blinged-out broach, and oversized sunglasses to block out the haters topped off the look in the best way possible.

In a show full of try-hard, over-the-top outfits, Steve Lacy kept it classy, yet refined and became king of the red carpet. - Ryan French

Worst Dressed: Jozzy

Songwriter and artist Jozzy unfortunately didn’t quite stack up to her red carpet compatriots with her leather and denim biker-themed outfit.

Denim and leather were featured in a multitude of ways on the red carpet this year, but the combination of the two into Jozzy’s jacket didn’t quite work out. The Charlie Brown-esque zigzag panel on her blazer paired with the leather tie seemed out of place.

It’s hard not to compare this outfit with something similar to a homemade biker Halloween costume or perhaps a handmade duct tape suit, but with just a splash of class.

Props to Jozzy for looking like the friendliest member of a biker gang out there, but this outfit wasn’t it. - Ryan French

Best Dressed: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Looking through the outfits from the Grammys anyone can see that most of the styles were bad. They were wildly eccentric, underwhelming, or just plain tacky, and it was difficult to find an outfit that suited the style of the artist.

Fortunately, there are always celebrities who know how to keep it simple, unique and appropriate. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stands as one of the better looks from this year’s red carpet.

The Rock generally wears clothing that is well-tailored and not particularly embellished which is perfect considering his build.

This year he wore a gold suit with a silk gold shirt and a pair of black suede loafers. He accessorized with a black and white necklace and bounced off of his wife’s silver dress.

The outfit was not the best for artistic purposes but was definitely a pleasant chance to see an outfit that matched the celeb’s body and was not over-the-top.

In terms of simplicity, this outfit rocked. – Erell Williams

Worst Dressed: Sam Smith

In the fashion world, when Sam Smith stands out it generally is not surrounded by good connotations, and this year’s Grammys look continued that trend.

Smith and his crew came in strong with a defined idea, something that most other celebrities lacked.

In spite of the clear concept of royal evil, the execution was abominable.

His minions wore wigs that were unkempt and unlaid and the side ensemble looked better than he did.

Smith stood in the center with his all-red Valentino robe, a red bedazzled cane and a red top hat with lace curtains to set the look off. He also wore pearl drop earrings that drowned beneath his collar.

The balloon-styled robe completely obtruded the theme, albeit it did set him apart from the rest of the group and was more laughable than regal.

Although a main antagonist look was the goal, the style was something reminiscent of a “One Piece” villain.

A disappointing look overall. – Erell Williams

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