Grey’s Anatomy: Season 18, Episode 2 Review

Story posted October 14, 2021 in Arts & Entertainment, CommRadio by Savannah Swartz

After the season premiere last week, filled with many new plot lines, fans were ready to see what this week’s episode had in store. “Grey’s Anatomy” never fails to disappoint, here’s what’s new.

Meredith is still in Minnesota and decides that she will research a cure for Parkinson’s disease, after flying Amelia out and asking her to work with her.

Still in Minnesota news, Meredith is trying to discern her feelings for ex-patient Nick. In this episode, they went on their first “date.” Unfortunately for Nick, it is hard to impress fans after the love interests that Meredith has had in the past. 

In other news, Jo and Linc have teamed up to help each other with their babies while Amelia is away. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Throughout the episode, Owen and Teddy treat a veteran suffering from pulmonary fibrosis. The patient got this from serving overseas and insists that he does not want to be treated and use whatever time he has left to spend time with his son.

This storyline pairs well with the battle that Teddy is facing. She wants her son Teddy to be himself by wearing a dress to daycare, yet she is afraid of how the world will react and treat him.

Newer character, Winston Ndugu, who is married to Maggie Pierce, fights for a patient who is experiencing racial injustice in the hospital. Winston manages to get the patient on the transplant list and in the end saves her life.

Fan favorites, Webber and Bailey, spend the episode with the residents who are falling behind in their surgical skills because of the pandemic. During the pandemic, many if not all elective surgeries were cancelled, causing for the residents to have little to no O-R time.

The iconic duo come up with a plan to catch the residents back up to speed by having them compete in a contest, and the winner gets to perform a solo surgery. Schmidt ends up winning the contest and ends up getting to remove a “foreign object” from a woman.

Out of all the residents, Schmidt is one of the only residents that fans are introduced to. The only other resident that has been introduced is Helm, and sometimes the viewer receives the occasional witty remark from Perez.

Because this show has been on for 18 years, it is hard to keep fans invested. Many original characters have left the show or been killed off, and the new characters are hard to relate to because of how different last season was.

However, original fans stick around for episodes like next week’s, where Addison Montgomery finally returns! At

the end of this week’s episode, they showed a spoiler for next week, where the residents are introduced to Dr. Montgomery. After that, Addison is shown in surgery, and some sort of crisis is happening where she needs to finish quickly and asks for Meredith.

Overall, episode two is a good transition from the season premier to episode three, where Addison makes her reappearance.


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