Grey’s Anatomy - Season 18, Episode 3 Review

Story posted October 20, 2021 in Arts & Entertainment, CommRadio by Savannah Swartz

Fans have waited three long weeks for this episode because it reintroduces character Addison Montgomery.

Addison was a regular character on the show in season’s two and three, but then producer Shonda Rhimes created an entire spinoff for the character, called “Private Practice.” Since then, we have only seen the character guest star in a few episodes.

Kate Walsh did not disappoint in her reprisal of the role. Addison was still as sassy and hot as ever. It was nostalgic to see one of the few older characters who was not killed off return to the show after almost nine years.

Walsh was not the only thing hot in this episode. The city of Seattle was enduring a record-breaking heat wave.

Dr. Altman, who is apparently in charge of boosting morale around the hospital, insisted that everyone wear crazy hats on one of the hottest days of the year. The only thing decreasing quicker than that idea was the HVAC system breaking down. The staff continued working in over a hundred-degree heat.

During the episode, Addison was in town to operate on a woman who was getting a uterus transplant. It appeared that Addison and the patient were very close and knew each other well. We learn that the patient had struggled with multiple miscarriages and wanted to carry her own children.

This surgery was also an opportunity for Addison to help teach the residents, who are trying to catch up to speed on surgeries. Webber had the residents take part in “grand rounds” and was having the class watch the surgery from the gallery.

Fans were not the only ones fangirling over Addison. Jo Wilson (an OB resident) spent the episode trying to talk to her because of her interest in Montgomery’s field.

Montgomery was in the middle of the operation when the HVAC stopped working and requested that Meredith come assist her so they could close the patient faster.

Obviously, Grey and Montgomery have a history considering they used to both be in love with the same man. However, it has been so long since audiences had seen the two interact that we were not sure what to expect from the interaction.

The residents basically commentated the entire event and whispered every fabled tale they had heard about the two and the late Derek Shepherd.

The two were very pleasant with each other and worked diligently to finish the surgery, which was a success. After the surgery, the two rode the elevator together which is a nod to early seasons, where the hospital elevators were a main stage for drama and tension.

Addison and Meredith had a very intimate moment reminiscing on the man they both lost many seasons ago, and Meredith invites Addison over to meet her and Derek’s kids.

While it feels like many fans were watching for Addison this week, the other characters were up to their usual antics as well.

Linc and Amelia are still fighting. Mainly because of Amelia and Meredith’s work obligations in Minnesota.

Linc feels that Amelia is making the decision without him and not considering his feelings. It is hard to say if these two will stay together or not through this time. Whether or not fans ship the couple, all agree they want what is best for their baby, Scout.

Owen Hunt spent the episode researching pulmonary fibrosis for his patient from last week. In episode two, the veteran claims he does not want to be treated and wants to spend what time he has left with his son. By the end of this episode, Owen convinces the patient to get treatment.

This was not the only patient making a reappearance from last week's episode. Winston’s patient from last week was able to get her kidney transplant with the help of Owen and Ben Warren.

Meredith ended up telling Webber about her obligations in Minnesota, and how she will be spending half of her time there, and half of her time at Grey Sloan. So, fans can assume that next week will be the first week that Meredith and Amelia work in Minnesota.

ABC confirmed that Kate Walsh will only be in episodes three and four, so next week will be the end of her return.

Overall, this episode was so nostalgic and hard not to love. Addison’s relationship growth with Meredith causes fans so much joy and reminds them of early seasons in the show.


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