Happy Valley comedian

Video posted April 22, 2013 in News by Shaun Jones


Bill Hood is a Penn State senior at University Park.  As a broadcast journalism major, he isn’t afraid of being in front of an audience. In his spare time he likes to make people laugh.

Hood has been part of the Penn State comedy club since his freshman year. When Hood first came to Happy Valley he said he knew he wanted to try doing stand-up. He found a club that shared his interest.  Hood said he also seen it as a unique opportunity to excel in his public speaking.

The comedy club meets once a week in the Carnegie building to practice, these sessions are open for anyone to come and perform or to sit and hear a few jokes. Each act is followed by a friendly critique from the other comedians. After each meeting they have a group ritual, going to McDonalds.

After Hood graduates from University Park he plans to move to the west coast and still do stand-up.

Video: Extended scene

In the video I was unable to play a whole joke that he performed in front of the camera about Christopher Lloyd. So I'm giving viewers the chance of seeing the whole joke.