How old are you?

Video posted April 27, 2013 in News by Stephanie Roberts


Andi Spadoni is a senior nutrition major at Penn State. She's lives in a dorm room and spends her days studying, working at her job, and living her life like an average college student. The only difference is she's not exactly your average college student. She's thirty years old and this is not her first time going to school.

Andi got a degree in graphic design in 2004 then got a culinary arts degree two years later in 2006. She worked in a bakery for about a decade then decided she wanted to go back to school and get a nutrition degree. Although this time she wanted a true college experience; she decided to live in the dorms and truly experience everything that a normal student experiences while they're away at school. 

Although she is older than most of the people she interacts with, until she mentions her age in conversations most people will not know. She describes how often people are surprised when they find out because despite the number of her age she is every bit of a 20-something Penn State student. 

~ by Stephanie Roberts